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07/19/14 06:42 PM Pearl FFXC CarbonPly Snare for Sale by WFPercusInstruct

Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up. A previous student of mine is selling his AWESOME CarbonPly snare. It looks great, and it sounds amazing. Hopefully it finds a home with dedicated hands!

Pearl Championship FFXC CarbonPly 14" Marching Snare http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261537635927

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07/12/14 08:56 AM Xymox 2 for 1 sale starts today! by SCV75

Starting Saturday July 12 at 6:00am PST, Xymox will host a FLASH SALE! This is a Buy One Get One Free Sale that we are limiting to a low volume of drum pads. When the magic number is hit, the sale will shut down automatically. Allowing a limited number of orders will insure shipping within 4-6 weeks.

Please note.... The limit is four pads total per purchase/purchaser. You must add a minimum of two pads into your cart for the system to automatically deduct the price of one. This is a flash sale only and is not retroactive. Thanks and enjoy.

336 Views · 6 Comments
07/03/14 10:03 PM Arranging without tenors by atr2003

I'm currently in the predicament of possibly not being able to field tenors this season. We have a very small line and no one who could play and carry the drums correctly. I have seen some successful lines do this so my question is how do I make the book successful for the show? Is there something different I should do when arranging for just snare and basses?

252 Views · 2 Comments
05/27/14 10:10 AM Transporting harnesses by pxhandley

How do you guys transport all the line harnesses around? Drums are easy enough, all in hardcases, nice and secure. But what about the harnesses? Can't think of a good, space saving way to get them all neat, compact and safe when travelling

Pictures would be ideal! Cheers

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05/20/14 09:28 PM Pearl Airframes with Yamaha Drums?! by tierangreen

I'm the caption head at a high-school program, and we've just purchased a new line of Yamaha drums this summer... Only thing is, I really don't like Yamaha/May carriers.

Problem #1: We've had to stick with Yamaha as we're a feeder program to a group endorsed by them... Looks bad if we go with Pearl (Even though I wanted to)

Problem #2: I Absolutely HATE how many moving parts the Randall May carriers have - and they're always breaking = sick of that.

The only thing I don't absolutely LOVE about the Airframes is the J-Hook'ing. The Mono/biposto thing is awesome, and I'd love to see if there's a way to order (extra) Randall May parts and adapt them to the AirFrame carriers. So yeah, I want to hybrid them. Seems expensive - and a lot of work - but I go the extra mile for my kids.

In speaking directly with Pearl, they won't comment on adapting either carrier, only that their product will work with our new Yamaha snares/quads so long as we use the Yamaha backbar+J-hooks. However, I do know that J-Hooks aren't always the nicest things for a quad player, and that's definitely a consideration.

Also, wondering what would happen if we did actually go with the Pearl carriers (using Pearl's mounting instead of May on the Yamaha's) what would when we go to use our stands (All of our stands will still be the Yamaha Mono/Biposto). That's actually a huge concern of mine right now...

Is this possible, or just stupid?


340 Views · 1 Comments
04/24/14 02:52 PM The Floor Show - Los Angeles. Looking for Drummers by DrumDude

(Los Angeles, CA) - Looking for 6 drum line performers (Snare or Tenors) to take part in a show production called "The Floor Show" - a One-of-a-kind night where dancers and musicians of all backgrounds come together for a live collaboration. www.thefloorproductions.com

We are looking for experienced performers (age 21+) who own or have access to their own marching snare or set of tenors and a harness. Playing/skill level preferred is somewhere around a WGI or DCI "Open" - "World" class.


* Sunday, May 18th - Full Cast rehearsal with Band
* Sunday, June 1st - Tech Rehearsal
* Monday-Thursday, June 9-12 - Show Dates
* Friday, June 13 - possible add

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